Hole 6 construction changes PLEASE READ

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Hole 6 construction changes PLEASE READ

Postby 12StonesScott » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:28 pm

The RRPD and the construction firm building the library have determined that once the cranes and other heavy construction equipment for the library arrive on site and begin work on the building (which was supposed to happen days ago, but hasn't because of weather), there's too much chance of problems given the number of discs that are still ending up across the fence (several each day until the recent rains slowed both the construction and the number of people playing). Consequently, as soon as the weather allows, the black tee on Hole 6 will be closed to play and will be blocked off with a fence. In the short term, the blue and red pads will remain in use, but the plan is to relocate the tees and fairway for Hole 6 to positions to the left and downhill from the black pad/Hole 5, in an area near the temporary path from Hole 2 to Hole 6 that was created during the sewer line project. As soon as the weather and the workload for the parks staff permits, a new fairway will be cleared to the existing Hole 6 basket location. Our hope is that this will swing the flight path of most throws far enough around that there will be almost no chance of errant throws entering the construction zone. We'd hoped that this wouldn't be necessary, but as things stand we'll just have to make the best of it. Please respect any signs, fencing, or other indications of hazardous areas and STAY OUT. You should expect that failing to do so will result in prosecution for you individually, and the possible loss of use of the entire front 9 for the rest of us. No one is happy about it, least of all the park system, but there does not appear to be any viable alternative. Updates to follow as the situation develops.
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