Hole #2: Long or Short?

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Hole #2: Long or Short?

Postby IcebergSlimD » Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:09 pm

Which tee is the most commonly used: long or short tee? I know my normal group plays the short tee. It is also played that way during tournaments.
What are the pros and cons in your opinion on each tee?
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Re: Hole #2: Long or Short?

Postby mrpbody33 » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:42 am

I will usually play them both. The short is most often used as the long pad fairway needs to be cleaned up a bit for tournament play.

If I just playing one round I will throw one from the long pad and another from the short. I will play out each shots as if I were completing a provisional on a hole. If I am playing more than one round then the first round will be long pad and subsequent rounds from the short pad.

I think the long pad is technically better than the short pad but again some of the lower tree branches need to removed to give it a good fairway to drive through. You have two choices for fairways at the pad and in either case you don't want to throw much more than a fairway driver. I usually go with a Roc or Buzz for placement. A lot also depends on the placement of the basket as I think the left position is easier to get to from either pad. You need a good shot off the pad setting you up for a good approach. I have carded a few rare birdie 3's from the long pad but I had to work for it.

The short pad basically the second shot from the long pads. Although with the pad pushed to the left it does make getting to the left pin tough it is still doable. Right now I think the hole works better as a par 3 from the short than a par 4 from the long pad.
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