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ADGO Constitution

Postby keith johnson » Wed Oct 17, 2007 11:02 pm

ADGO Constitution

Article 1: Name and Mission Statement

The Atlanta Disc Golf Organization (ADGO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of Disc Golf in the Metro Atlanta area and the surrounding communities by providing leadership, communication, and support in all aspects of Disc Golf and the best practices of sportsmanship, ethics, and standards of competition as established by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

Article 2: Purpose

The purposes of the ADGO are:

• Provide and promote a better understanding of the sport of disc golf to the general public.
• Provide an opportunity for local disc golfers to develop their skills through organized competition.
• Maintain an organized framework for representative government by the members of the organization.
• Maintain high standards of excellence in promoting and managing competitive disc golf events.
• Establish additional disc golf courses in the area.
• Help manage, maintain and improve the existing disc golf courses in the area.
• Cooperate with other organizations having common or related objectives for the good of the sport.
• Establish working relations with local parks & recreation personnel to assist with the promotion and growth of disc golf.

Article 3: Membership, Eligibility, Dues & Benefits

Membership in the ADGO is attainable by any person who is interested in the sport of disc golf. All applications for membership shall be accompanied by remittance of annual dues. Initial membership fee and annual dues will be determined by the Board of Directors during the 4th quarter of the calendar year for the next year’s fees. Dues are subject to change, however changes can only take place after (30) days of posted notification.
Members of the ADGO shall receive:

• Membership in the Atlanta Disc Golf Organization.
• Eligible to run and serve as an ADGO Board Member (must be a current member).
• Compete in all ADGO tournaments & events.
• ADGO membership card (bag tag) with lifetime number.
• The ADGO Constitution will be available online and can be mailed to a member if requested.
• ADGO member directory will be available at the club website in a read only thread, with members having the right to “opt-out” of all information except member number and member name.
• The right to represent their affiliate club in ADGO team competitions

Membership classes are as follows:

• Active: All members whose dues are current (voting rights).
• Non-Active: All members whose dues are not current (non-voting rights).
• Honorary: Those selected to receive memberships at no charge as a gesture of goodwill or for promotional purposes, who are considered “active” members, without voting rights or privileges.


Voting rights for active membership includes:
1) Electing officers and 2) Amending the Constitution.

Article 4: Ethical Standards

ADGO members agree to adhere to the following club ethics:

• Play within the rules of the sport as set forth by the PDGA.
• Reasonable, ordinary and prudent behavior on the golf course.
• Proper disposal of trash on the course and observation of all park rules.
• Inappropriate actions on the ADGO website may result in suspension/ loss of privileges.

The ADGO Board of Directors may suspend any member from the club and/or club event for conduct detrimental to the image of the organization or the sport, with a 3/4 affirmative vote.

Article 5: Board of Directors

The management of the affairs of the club shall be vested in the ADGO Board of Directors (BOD) which shall consist of:

• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Membership/Public Relations Director
• Communications Director
• Events Director
• Course Liaison Director

There shall be a majority(at least 5) of bod members present to have a quorum to conduct official ADGO BOD business.

Nominations for elected positions will occur during November, with elections taking place in December, and newly elected BOD members taking office in January.

The positions of President, Secretary, Events Director and Course Liaison Director will be elected in ODD calendar years; the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Membership/ Public Relations Director and Communication Director will be elected in EVEN calendar years.
Elected BOD members shall serve a term of 2 years.

In the event of a resignation or that a BOD member cannot continue to perform his/her duties, the remaining BOD members shall appoint a successor to take office immediately and serve until the next position election.

Article 6: Duties of the Club Officers

• The President shall be responsible for the day-to-day business of the club and will be responsible for organizing the club meeting agendas and presiding over the meetings. It shall be his/her duty to oversee that the other BOD members are performing their assigned duties and to assist them in whatever way possible.

• The Vice-President shall assist the club president and will take on the responsibilities of the president in the event of his/her absence. The vice-president shall be responsible for coordinating with the various club committees and for giving a report on the progress or status of these committees at the club meetings.

• The Secretary shall be responsible for all written communication, taking of minutes at meetings.
The secretary will also publish all APPROVED minutes to the website in a timely manner after approval from BOD

• The Treasurer shall receive, deposit, and make authorized disbursements in the name of the ADGO for all club money.
The Treasurer shall maintain a simple yet thorough system of accounting and provide financial updates at least monthly and at all BOD meetings and at each annual meeting (January).

• The Membership Director shall be responsible for all ADGO membership issues, motivate members to get involved in order to breed leaders, and work with local Tournament Directors (TD’s) to resolve any PDGA membership issues prior to a tournament.

• The Communications Director shall assign a Webmaster (WM) and Assistant Webmaster (AWM) responsible for website currency, growth, and all duties related to website management. All website information, changes, and ideas will be submitted to the WM & AWM by the Communications Director.

• The Events Director shall be responsible for gathering all information on upcoming events by working with local TD’s, scanning the PDGA Tour Events website, passing this information by means of a press release to the local media outlets, attempt to securing on site reporters for these events, and plan annual ADGO events

• The Course Liaison Director shall chair a committee of local Course Managers to assist and or guide them with the growth of disc golf in their communities. Items will include working with local Recreation & Parks Authority, enhancing current courses, and development of new courses.

Article 7: Rules of Order:

All ADGO BOD meetings shall be held in accordance with Robert\'s Rules of Order.
Monthly Business meetings will be held by the BOD via different forms of communications (i.e. conference call, public meeting, on-line internet, with minutes to be published to the ADGO membership).
The ADGO fiscal year will be aligned with the calendar year, ending 12/31.
Access to the ADGO bank account shall be restricted to the President and Treasurer.
All disbursements in excess of $100 require BOD approval/notification
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Re: ADGO Constitution

Postby Woodrow » Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:37 pm

Amendment I
This article of amendment shall consolidate the positions of Treasurer and of Membership/Public Relations Director along with the responsibilities of each as established by Article 6 to that of Treasurer/Membership Director and shall modify Article 5 of The Constitution to read as follows:

The management of the affairs of the club shall be vested in the ADGO Board of Directors (BOD) which shall consist of:

• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer/Membership Director
• Communications Director
• Events Director
• Course Liaison Director

Explanation: Combining the Treasurer and Membership/Public Relations Director in to one position of Treasurer/Membership Director will ease accounting and coordination of membership dues and keep records of each in a consolidated form. The BOD has found that having each separate made accounting of each unnecessarily complicated. This also establishes the BOD as an odd number of positions and will minimize ties in voting on ADGO business.
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Re: ADGO Constitution

Postby Woodrow » Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:37 pm

Amendment II
This article of amendment shall modify the requirement that there be a majority of at least 5 BOD members be present to have a quorum in order to conduct official ADGO business to instead require only a simple majority of BOD members be present or represented and shall modify Article 5 of The Constitution to read as follows:

In order to conduct official ADGO business, there shall be established a quorum of the majority of BOD members present or represented.[/quote]

Explanation: Defining a quorum as a simple majority instead of five, allows the BOD to conduct business regardless of the number of BOD positions actually occupied and the addition of "or represented" allows for remote meetings on the internet or by conference call.
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