Chamblee First Methodist - I would like to help repair

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Chamblee First Methodist - I would like to help repair

Postby OuiMan » Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:19 pm

I just started playing Disc Golf a few months ago and I tend to play at Chamblee First Methodist often because it is a great practice course and it's close to my house and office.

The challenge is that the course got flooded when most of Atlanta did and a lot of the tees next to the creek got washed away (6 and 7 are completely gone). Since the church was nice enough to allow the public to play there, I would like to help out by either attempting rebuilding the tee markers or make a donation. A few challenges though.

1) I don't know exactly where each tee marker is supposed to go. Perhaps someone from the planning team could assist.
2) I don't want to put any markers there without the Church's permission. That was why I suggested a donation.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: Chamblee First Methodist - I would like to help repair

Postby VERMIN » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:06 pm

Try contacting Nick Guerrero ( ) or PM him using the “HuntleyHillsDawg” screen name on this message board. You could always call the church directly and I am sure they would appreciate any help you could offer. I am pretty sure the Assoicate Pastor Jordan Thrasher would be a good contact as well.

Rev. Jordan Thrasher, Associate Pastor
770-457-2525 X223 (770) 457-2525

Perhaps the Boy Scouts there could help and make it a project they could earn badges for as well. :idea:
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