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Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby mattyp » Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:05 am

anyone interested in starting a handicap at Perkerson Park? course layout could be the same as the current wednesday singles league, as this utilizes the land very well, or a different layout according to group consensus. because of the format of a handicapping system, the course would need to stay approximately the same length with varying basket positions.

weekend days, weekday days, whatever. the day and time will be according to group consensus. i have heard from a few people that saturday mornings is worth thinking about. however, until there is a permanent course we would need to work around the park schedule, as there are parties that reserve sections of the park--especially on the weekends. baskets will need to be brought to the park and set up prior to the round(s).

a handicap system works by each player playing a first round to establish a handicap, without being eligible for any money except for CTPs. (the first-ever round played could be a raw-score event with side action and CTPs). the establishing round score is used to determine a handicap by taking two-thirds of the establishing score. for instance:
an establishing round of 9 over par: handicap of -6
an establishing round of 5 over par: handicap of -3 (always rounded to help the player, first round only)
an establishing round of 3 under par: handicap of +2
an establishing round of 7 under par: handicap of +4 (always rounded to help the player, first round only)

after completing an establishing round, a player is eligible for the money during the next round. my suggestion for action would be $5 for the handicap, another $5 worth of CTPs for a total of $10 worth of action. another suggestion is that the top third adjusted scores are paid (all of these numbers should be discussed and agreed upon by group consensus).

every player's handicap is adjusted according to the average of their scores for every successive round. a log would be kept of players' scores, and handicaps would be adjusted week-by-week according to these scores. a system of accountability develops, and open-mindedness is essential to make the system work. any one player has the right to question another player's handicap, and the situation is resolved by the group prior to that week's play. common sense is the main ingredient to making this system work.


among many benefits of a handicap, one of the objectives of this system is to include the entire disc golf community in the action regardless of skill, age, or gender. players from all different types of backgrounds can play against each other and have an equal chance to win, as long as they have played one establishing round. anyone who has been a part of a properly functioning handicap knows that it is a great way to compete, as interesting situations develop and it keeps people coming back for the action, as everyone has a chance to win on any given day. i have seen first-hand how it gives very skilled players a chance to give back to the community by sharing lessons and also still have a decent chance to bring in a little cash, especially with the CTPs. also, lesser-skilled players have a chance to play with the skilled players and learn some important ways to approach the game. often, lesser skilled players learn more about the mental game required during competition and are able to apply these lessons during recreational rounds. as a whole, being part of a handicap is just another way to be a part of the disc golf community.


anyone who is interested, anyone who has any ideas that could make it work better, anyone who has any opinions whatsoever please contribute to the discussion here. chances are, it will take a while to gather enough support--especially for the amount of baskets needed. keep in mind that once there are 9 baskets accounted for we can create an 18-hole course one way or the other, by either using different pad positions or by moving baskets halfway through the round. when more baskets are accounted for the course can become better and better.

all opinions and suggestions are welcomed here!
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Re: Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby richardhead » Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:04 am

Pass. Start your action at some other park. Ritger and others have worked there arse off at PP. Anything that goes on out there that is disc related should be approved by John. Period!!!
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Re: Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby jritger » Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:03 am

feel free to run this, it seems like a good idea if you can achieve a consistent basket turnout -- there are a good # of people using the park, but really only #1-#4 have potential interference on the weekend, and the teepad for #10 has tennis interference if matches are going on. the other holes will never have people on them, no matter what's happening in the park. the only planned course setup for the next 5 months is 2nd sundays.

i would try to make it out to this as my schedule allows if you get it running.
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Re: Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby atl scott » Thu Oct 09, 2008 10:08 am

I would definitely try to come to this (any chance to play perkerson...) but agree that it would probably be much easier at another location.
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Re: Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby mattyp » Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:34 pm

what other courses you have in mind? i guess i was thinking perk because of the central location. plus we could find ways to help john with the permanent basket fund.
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Re: Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby Lewis » Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:00 am

I like the idea too, but alas, I don't have a basket to contribute. What you'll need most is people who can bring baskets.
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Re: Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby brad » Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:52 pm

I will try to br a regular on every other sunday and any other times i could make it ; i have a m-14 basket that i bring sometimes, i am driving from al
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Re: Perkerson Park Handicap

Postby djester » Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:27 pm

check the date as this is last years post.... we will have action starting in November '09.....dates soon to be announced.
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