LITW Ruling - Practice Throws, Courtesy and Scoring

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LITW Ruling - Practice Throws, Courtesy and Scoring

Postby Bradshaw » Mon Oct 06, 2008 12:45 pm

Rule 803.01B - A player who throws a practice throw or an extra throw with any disc any time after the start of his or her round and prior to his or her finishing the last hole of the round ... shall receive on penalty throw.

Rule 801.01B - ... examples of discourteous violations are: ... throwing minis ...
Rule 801.01G - A player violating a courtesy rule may be warned by any affected player, even if from another group, or by an official, with all players of the group advised of the warning. The player shall be assessed one penalty throw for each subsequent courtesy violation of any type in the same round. ...
Rule 803.01D(4) - Appeals ... The appeal should be made as soon as practical. The decision of the director shall be final.

Rule 804.03E - At the end of the round, each player shall sign his or her scorecard indicating that he or she attests to the accuracy of the score on each hole and the total score. ...
Rule 804.03G - After the scorecard is turned in, the total score as recorded shall stand with no appeal, except for the following circumstances: (1) Penalty throws may be assessed ...


TDs ruling - Final score stands with no appeal (reference rules 804.03E & 804.03G).

My editorial ... although there was a penalty stroke assessed in error, an appeal to the scoring was not made timely, and the score card was turned in. Once a score card is turned-in, the score can not be modified to remove strokes. The appeal has to be made prior to turning in the card.

Because the throwing of a mini is specifically referenced as a courtesy violation, it cannot also be a practice throw.
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Re: LITW Ruling - Practice Throws, Courtesy and Scoring

Postby VERMIN » Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:12 pm

Rule 001 .. Have fun. :mrgreen:
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