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Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby mattyp » Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:06 pm

Where I come from, if one is playing in any round where other bag tags besides your own are present, a bag tag challenge IS ON. Plus, I believe that if there is a bag tag challenge declared (usually at least 6 weeks in advance), then it is MANDATORY to be there to represent. If one cannot be present for this declared challenge, ample reason must be shown to the One In Charge or else that person moves to back of the line, and numbers are recalculated. That way, the numbers are always current. Also, this means that people cannot choose when they want to risk their tag, depending on who shows up.

It is sometimes difficult to make this system work, as acquiring the tags from those who never show will be hard to do. However, if the One In Charge keeps an accurate list of phone numbers and other personal information, it can work. For those who think that some will not want to share personal info such as phone numbers, email addresses and possibly even addresses, if there is a large enough community (which Atlanta obviously has) then it will work because whoever doesnt want to share personal info for accountability simply doesnt join.

It might seem complicated, but to me and others who have seen the system work, its pretty simple. Be accountable, provide personal info just in case, show up when there are declared challenges, and risk your tag even in casual play. It makes all better players, by giving those who are not as skilled and want to get better something to look forward to, and by making those who are more skilled respect those under them a little more.

For those that say that if they want to go out to the park to practice shots and mess around without having to worry about losing their tag, unfortunately they just have to pick times to go out when others with tags are less likely to be there. As time goes, a system of honesty and accountability develops. For instance, if people who have tags meet at odd times in the week and it is obvious they were only out to practice, agreements can be reached on a situation-by situation basis. Remember, for the system to work, common sense is required, every situation is not always 'black and white' and there will always be 'gray areas' to be sorted out.

I have been a part of two systems that did work, and there are some really fun and interesting situations that develop over time. Overall, a properly functioning bag-tag challenge system makes players better and gives people additional excitement when there is something more on the line besides gambling with money.

Im sure many will object with certain points, but I say we all have a healthy discussion to make the Bag Tag Challenge a little more fun for everyone involved. Who knows, maybe with such a large metro area the Bag Tag Challenge will actually GROW!
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Re: Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby maximus » Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:58 pm

Mandatory is a pretty strong movement from where it is now, but I have been in a few tournaments that I either did not know tags were collected, and would have actually got a better tag (twice), or where tags were not collected and could have easily been done, like this last weekend at Lake Russell? And as far as collecting if you are not present, well I just don't see that working in favor of the sale of more tags and getting more people involved.

I think that there needs to be a TD awareness to help promote these challenges at tournaments, and I did NOT say be responsible for them, but to make a note that people could challenge if there are tags present, especially when all divisions are playing the same tees/course. After all these tags are helping the ADGO to raise money right?

I also would think that there should be a more structured monthly tag challenge or something like I saw when I played with a group in Florida. They have tags exchanged weekly at their singles events like we have at ERP, Perkerson, etc. I haven't been to Perk (too far), but have never seen any tags exchanged at ERP on the few times I was at singles? Again, maybe no one is saying anything and I am missing out? Maybe I am the only AM there with tag? I don't know.

I am curious to know how many others have had the same tag they started with or only changed once all year?
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Re: Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby djester » Tue Sep 09, 2008 2:54 pm

just look up the the post with all the tags and people who have them.... then challenge them.

Or.... remember their names (from the list) and challenge them when you see them out on the course.
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Re: Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby Sweeney » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:00 pm

I too have been part of a bag tag system that had more interaction (Northern Utah) and lived/worked in an area but did not partipate in another (Greenville, SC) and the BIG difference between those two and Atlanta is they were much smaller communities where most of the action was played on 1 course. If I lived near Central park and there was a mandatory challenge somewhere south of the Atlanta like McCurry Park, there is no way I am traveling over an hour to play for tags.

I think a bag tag system that is centralized at 1 course is easier to make work, ask the Oregon Park guys.

By the way, I love my Atlanta bag tag, I am rocking it on my bag out here and all the Portland disc golf ladies are always complementing my tag.
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Re: Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby richardhead » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:05 pm

Don't you have a HDGA (homosexual disc golfers of america) luncheon that you should be attending? Just when we think that we got rid of you...........J/K We missed you this weekend at Lake Russell.
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Re: Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby mattyp » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:26 pm

Youre right its tough to make mandatory challenges at courses that are on the fringes of the atlanta metro area.
So, the mandatory challenges should happen at the ones that everyone knows are highest in attendance. Common sense would tell us that the challenges would alternate between 2, 3, maybe 4 courses closest to the perimeter.

Although raising money for the ADGO is one of the virtues of the Bag Tag Challenge, it doesnt seem like it should be the primary goal. Some might not be attracted to the idea of losing their tag if they cannot make it without an excuse, but just think of the extra revenue generated when more ARE attracted to the idea of being a part of something with a more dependable result.
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Re: Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby Steve Adams » Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:25 pm

Sweeney wrote:By the way, I love my Atlanta bag tag, I am rocking it on my bag out here and all the Portland disc golf ladies are always complementing my tag.


We may now know where that original 2008 Am #1 tag is.
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Re: Bag Tag Challenges Mandatory?

Postby VERMIN » Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:51 pm

I prefer just to mock the people who won't put their tags up....I call them Dodgers :roll:

I would also recommend stepping up an volunteering to run the tag action at a tourney. I did the AM side in Augusta and had roughly 15 people in it. It wasn't too much work and only had to track down 1 or 2 players to get their tags to them when we were done. Maybe two guys could work together if there is a different course set up like there was at Lake Russell and Central. However, I don't like putting my tag up if I am playing the long course against someone who is playing the short course. That is where a REC or INT player may need to step up and do that action, and some other Advanced Div player could run the Advanced Div layout.
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