RDGC BOD Meeting 11/19

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RDGC BOD Meeting 11/19

Postby 12StonesScott » Wed Nov 20, 2013 12:15 am

Updates from tonight's BOD meeting:

First, we have a basket on Hole 4! Mark Holder and the parks guys got it set in the pin position from Lost in the Woods on Friday. We'll get the "hole closed" signs removed as soon as possible. Because the walking path is officially closed during the library construction, consider that the long tee pad for now, with the concrete pad as the blue tee. We'll evaluate long-term options for a longer concrete pad over the next several months.

Second: local teen Paden Herring has been working on a new kiosk as an Eagle Scout project, and is almost ready to install it in the area near the picnic tables. He brought photos to the meeting tonight, and it's gonna be sweet! Two bulletin board spaces, a found disc deposit box, and a large, very visible rustic sign at the top. They'll be out Thursday to dig holes, pour concrete, and do prep, and then again Saturday for the final installation. If you see Paden, his dad, and his volunteer helpers out there, be sure to say thanks!

Next, Mike Azimi discussed his plans for a new sanctioned tournament in March. This should be a great addition to the calendar of events for 2014. As things stand, we should have our annual Ice Bowl-style event, "Frost In The Woods", the weekend of Feb 22-23 to raise money and food donations for North Fulton Community Charities, followed a month later by Mike's event. Then DarnTree Doubles in the summer and Lost In The Woods in the fall. Four seasons, four events -- two sanctioned, one charity fundraiser, and one unsanctioned doubles tourney.

Finally, the January meeting and annual BOD election will be Tuesday, January 21, 2014, at 6:30 pm at the Rec Center.
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