2009 POY PDGA Player of the Year

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2009 POY PDGA Player of the Year

Postby Randgolf » Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:39 pm

Below is the topic I posted on the PDGA board. Let me know what you think? Its gettin hot in here


This is a very close race. I think that Jenkins may have an edge when factoring in the many details. No question Locastro had an incredible year, but in the end I feel like Jenkins pulls this one out. Once you calculate the catagories mentioned in the PDGA doc (which I am not certain that I did correctly), AJ looks to be ahead. It imay be close enough to take to an alternative factor and if so here is an idea.

Why not let the World Rankings be the deciding factor? It makes sense to utilize all of the statistics compiled into the World Rankings. Avery Jenkins has been ranked no worse than 4th in the world for the entire year. He aslo has been ranked 1st after his World title. Locastro on the other hand has not been better than 10th all year long until his USDGC title. When the October rankings came out he jumped to 2nd, still not first. Bottom line, AJ has been ranked higher in the world all year long.


Based on these four factors in this doc. things look good for Avery, but it is so close they should take a look at the world rankings thing to decide.

1. Best event rating 35% (best two event ratings in Majors or NTs, plus five best ratings in Btiers or higher) (Looks like Locastro)
2. Worlds 20% (AJ for sure)
3. Finish Position 20% (?)
4. Head-to-Head 20% (AJ for sure)

Best event rating:

1 1077
2 1072

1 1069
2 1066
3 1066
4 1065
5 1064

Avg = 1068

1 1080
2 1063

1 1088
2 1076
3 1073
4 1071
5 1070

Avg = 1074

Talk it up here. Who do you think should take home the title of 2009 PDGA Player of the Year?
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Re: 2009 POY PDGA Player of the Year

Postby Redan Randy » Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:57 pm

It's close! I say..........PLAYOFF!!!
27 holes at Flyboy should settle this! :wink:
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Re: 2009 POY PDGA Player of the Year

Postby Woodrow » Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:23 pm

Yeah! That place will separate the men from the squeaky little brats for sure. 8)
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