White Oak Inquiries 3-6-14

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White Oak Inquiries 3-6-14

Postby Northside99 » Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:35 am

Copy and pasted from a post generated from john Riley on 3-6-14:

John Riley March 6 at 5:41pm
Anyone know the condition of White Oak? Last I heard the course lost a few holes and wasn't bring maintained.
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Greg Campbell I haven't been out there in a while, but I know they pulled two baskets in the Northwest corner (13 &14) due to people climbing the fence to get their discs.
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John Riley I wonder if anyone considered resigning the layout. The property is unbelievable. Hate to lose such a good course.
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Greg Campbell It's been redesigned a few times to help appease the neighbors. It's been a pain to make everyone happy who lives on the outskirts of the course. Word is the baskets are going to be moved to a new park. I think we need to rally the troops and come up with a new design that stays far away from the outlining area. It could be done easily.
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Bob Pressley Who do we go to in hopes of making it happen?
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Bobby Corn ryan harris
March 6 at 6:37pm · Like

Clay O Campbell Kevin McCoy
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Barry Arnson It may just be better to put the baskets in another park at this point.
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Clay O Campbell We need more courses on the south side.
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Mark Spaugh White Oak was awesome in it's day!
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Jake Bishop I live in Paulding County, and I know that the course is not kept up well, and that the either all or most of the back 9 was removed(from rumor). I haven't played the course since this time last year, and it wasn't being kept up well then.
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Allen Dumich Cody Lanser
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Ryan Harris I played it once last year and thought the course was fun and the land was really nice with the hills and lake. Sad to hear it's not getting used.
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Bob Pressley Is there a park that is approved for a DG course at the moment? If not, let's try to get an approval for a revision?
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Kevin McCoy The Ville has another park ready if the equipment is provided....The other 9 at JP
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John Riley ^where?
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Clay O Campbell Fayetteville and JP Mosley.
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Kevin McCoy Fayetteville, Kenwood Park, it would be a pitch and put woodsy course but the southside really could use a pitch n putt...The neighborhood is a little suspect, but what isn't in Atlanta
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John Riley True! It would be nice to begin stringing some championship caliber courses within a close proximity. Then maybe a NT or bid for world's could happen in the ATL!
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Austin Lytle John white oak is clean. This winter really killed the high grass. 13-14 basket were pulled from people jumping the fence into private property for discs last summer. I went about 2 weeks ago. I'm down to meet tomorrow?
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Greg Campbell Bob Pressley , it would be Paulding County Parks and Rec. It's a shame that course is not the diamond of local disc golf. The land is gorgeous and ready for a course. And by that I mean a REAL course.
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Greg Campbell Who wants to meet Sunday and lay a new one out?
March 6 at 8:32pm · Like

Bob Pressley I'm in!
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Greg Campbell 2 o'clock okay? Anyone else care to join, please feel free. All input welcome. If you've never seen this land and/or course, you will be amazed at the potential.
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Bob Pressley Sounds good
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Patrick Kellner If im not busy working I might be able to come by for a few a take a look.
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John Riley Austin...tomorrow is my wife's birthday otherwise I would.

Greg...would Saturday be can option? Perkerson Open is Sunday.
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Greg Campbell I was gonna try to support the Deerlick action Saturday. Sunday was next best for me.
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Greg Campbell Wow, Matt Dollar , that was kinda condescending. Not every good player in GA can come up with a good design.
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Greg Campbell But, I guess I could do Saturday if Bob Pressley can do it then. He was, after all, the first to commit.
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Matt Dollar I didn't mean any offense Greg. I should have said you need Ritger, McCoy, Fish, or someone else with experience designing big courses.

If you would like, I can edit my original post, bc I didn't mean to offend anyone. Sometimes things I type don't come out as planned
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Dustin Penwright I was told last Spring by the Parks and Rec Director (at the time) that the Disc Golf course at White Oak Park will be redesigned and will incorporate some of the land that is currently not being used on the opposite side of the park (to the right of t...See More
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Matt Dollar Nice!
March 6 at 10:50pm · Like

Greg Campbell I guess we will see what Dustin finds out then go from there.
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Dustin Penwright I started this inquiry last Spring when I brought this subject up for discussion to all the Atlanta peeps then made the quest out there to check the condition of the park for myself. Baskets on 13 and 14 have been out of the ground for a couple years n...See More
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Matt Dollar I really miss playing tournaments there. It was one of the best courses in "da metro"
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Dustin Penwright I agree Mr. Dollar. I will admit that I neglected the park myself but have been making a push over the past year to get it playable and complete again
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John Riley Dustin...could you organize a meeting with the person from the parks department for the purpose of discovering what areas are available for a course redesign? From there we can gather input for a redesign. I love White Oak. I've always considered it the premiere public course in the Atlanta area. If the parks department is willing to open up the land behind hole 2, we could take White Oak to another level.
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Greg Campbell The problem with using the land behind hole two is seguing it into the rest of the land. There is an R/C area at the top of the hill (to the right as you enter) that may constrain as well as that land being relatively uncharacteristic and open. We'll see.
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Patrick Kellner Open land could be dealt with, with some smart landscaping. You might even get a local nursery to donate a few trees possibly.
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Kevin McCoy The ATL as a whole could use some more pitch and putt courses like Redan, Lenora, OP, we need more tracks like that to keep developing new crops of players. All the new courses going in are all kick in the nuts courses...good for current tournament st...See More
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Patrick Kellner does it not make more sense to just make good courses and cater to newer players by adding shorter tee's?
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Greg Campbell That was one of the alternative choices. We came up with a design that added some shorter holes in the middle of the front nine to make up for the missing two on the back nine. These new holes did not impact the integrity of the existing layout too much.
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Mike Dammes As one of the people for helping get this course in the ground, I feel kind or responsible for the condition of the course. However, I now have a 9yr old and 14yr old that both play sports year-round. It is hard enough juggling their schedule to even think about getting out to the course.
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Mike Dammes I would like to know where Dustin gets his information, because Michael Justice was the head of Parks and Rec when this course was installed, and is STILL the head of Parks and rec today. I have to admit, this course was designed for the Advanced/Pro p...See More
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Dustin Penwright Mike I emailed Michael last year about the condition of the park and got the reply I mentioned earlier. I emailed Taz Paris last night and still waiting on a reply. My last visit to the course was last Spring so I am not sure how it looks as of today
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Barry Arnson Let's keep this discussion positive guys. I think the lot of us want to see White Oak returned to its former glory.
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John Riley Kevin...I understand your thought, but we also need courses to further develop the new players as they get better. To many courses around the ATL fail to offer scoring seperation. A championship caliber course can offer short tee placements for more novice players via multiple tee pads.
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Dustin Penwright Just trying to help out. My intention is to not get in the way or step on the toes of those involved at courses around Atlanta. I will do what I can for the players and advocates of this game we ALL love to play. My apologies if I have gone in the wrong direction by not inquiring with you first Mike.
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Mike Dammes Dustin, no problem at all, I live 5 minutes from White Oak and would love to see someone get the course back in shape.
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John Riley I'm excited to folks wanting to return White Oak to a prominent disc golf location.

Dustin...I too would like to attend the meeting when it's lined up.

Mike...I love what you did there. I hope we can collaborate with other knowledgable players and make this the EPIC disc golf course in the Atlanta area.
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Patrick Kellner It seems like if additional land is available there could be the potential for 27 solid holes. Would be nice to see something work out there.
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Re: White Oak Inquiries 3-6-14

Postby Northside99 » Mon May 12, 2014 5:24 pm

Copying the latest thread from the Atlanta Disc Golf Facebook group on the current playability of White Oak dated 5-11-14

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