any slackers out there - or PM shifters?

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any slackers out there - or PM shifters?

Postby coreyml » Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:14 am

*copied from the ole facebook

For the foreseeable future, I will be working evenings. I am posting to see who in Gwinnett would be interested in participating in a slackers league - since JP is 90mins away. The MAIN PURPOSE of this league is FUN with a slight emphasis on competition.

My ideas
Handicap league

Rotate courses each week - find scratch score** for each DAY and use the difference as your handicap
$10 all in, $6 minimum, $2 late entry super minimum
-$2 to season payout
-$4 to weekly payout
-$1 to ACE
-$3 to 3 CTPs
Must participate in 6 rounds to be eligible for end of season Tournament.
1st week will be straight up and I will start calculating your Handicap after that first round. It will all even out as the season progresses. I will use your last 6 rounds in the Handicap calculations. The 2nd and 3rd weeks, if you jump in - missing the 1st week, your score is your score. If you jump in 4th week or later, you will not be eligible for the weekly payout that week and will only have to fork over $2 to play that week to start establishing a handicap.
If this lasts more than 1 season, I will KEEP your last 6 rounds and roll it over.
1 season = 3 months

**Scratch score - use the MEDIAN SCORE for that DAY (1,1,2,3,4,4,5,6,10 = 4 is median). If there’s an even number playing – if I can average each side of the median to get a whole #, I will. If it would be a fraction, I will flip a disc to round the fraction up – heads or down – tails.

What am I missing?
Are you interested?
10AM on Tuesdays?(or thurs) – starting next Tuesday - 7/29 10AM @ Lenora
Tournament = 1 round using your 6-round established Handicap at a random course – maybe a neighboring county’s course?
Do we even want to play Suwanee creek?
All tips are welcomed – remember, I am volunteering to put this together – no need to scream
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Re: any slackers out there - or PM shifters?

Postby mr.disc » Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:25 pm

sounds shule invalid .... :shock:
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