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Postby Vicki » Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:54 am

The GDGO Board had a very successful meeting with Gwinnett County yesterday, here are highlights:

* We have permission for new pin placements at both parks. With the County supplying augers and the GDGO supplying the sleeves and cement we will have County/GDGO Volunteer Work Days this spring. Thanks for your pin placement suggestions, and please keep them coming for both parks.

* Mikey has finished preparing the distance markers (thank you Mikey!), so we are moving up the installation to Saturday Feb. 20th.

* Eric Horn is replacing Ross Evans as head of maintenance at Alexander

* New small brooms are currently being distributed to tee pads at both parks, with larger brooms on order. The County plans to wire the large brooms to the posts to deter theft.

* Boy Scouts will be cleaning up the brush/limbs/vines at Alexander very soon.

* The Retired Seabee Volunteers are going to attend to all landscaping/erosion problems at Alexander this spring/summer. The block in front of 5 will soon be removed. At least 12 new drains will be installed.

* We can plant bushes and trees at both parks if we supply the plants and labor, but they must be on the Approved list on the Master Plan; this list has been requested.

* One elevated basket per park is feasible, with the County providing machinery (if needed) and the GDGO providing the supplies. Let's take our time designing these, so they will be a pleasure to the eye and a challenge to the arm.
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