Monty Dubs IX Results WIP

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Monty Dubs IX Results WIP

Postby luke » Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:42 pm

This was the largest tournament to ever be held at the Monty; 27 teams attended (that's 54 folks, and the previous best was 45).

We raised $352 bucks, which will be stowed away for a rainy day when I can buy nine more baskets.

Brian Benton and Michael Burton 47/44 $200
Bob Braun and Greg Campbell 48/46 $120
Team Athens 47/48 $100
No Love 48/49 $60
Jon Plotky/Jason Bradshaw 52/46 $40
Luke McFarland/Peter Wilkin 51/48
DD/Funky Bobby J 51/48
Dial-a-Wheelie 49/52
Team Discobolos 50/51
Randy Tedder/Chad Rickel 52/49
Andy and Lee from Roswell 50/50
Don't Nice Me Bro 52/51
Ease it In 49/56

Team IDGS 52/49 1st
Columbus DGC 51/55 2nd
Zack and Wes 53/53
Crickey/Scott 52/54
David and Goliath 57/51

Intermediate (I'll have to figure out payout info later for ams)
Carlos and Dan May 54/49 1st
Team Hed Rush 54/50 2nd
Macon Brown 54/50 3rd
ATL RBG 53/52 4th
Ed Jacob/Steve Adams 52/55
Barry/Brian Lang 57/50
Macon Blue 58/50
We Blessed the Rains 54/56
Team Oconee 60/54
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Re: Monty Dubs IX Results WIP

Postby Funky Bobby J » Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:03 pm

Thanks for running the action and the hospitality. I enjoyed the new layout - much different feel from the old layout. I feel like the course flowed well with not too much walking green to tee. I thought the pin positions were fair with lots of lefty and righty variety. I do miss the 2 exterior holes especially the one from the tower down the hill. The course kind of reminded me of a somewhat shortened version fo the Jackson course at IDGC.

It's a helluva long haul from Forsyth County to Monticello - but look forward to making the trip a few times a year. Thanks again!
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Re: Monty Dubs IX Results WIP

Postby luke » Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:39 am

Thank you FBJ---and don't fret about the big open hole. It'll be back. And probably bigger, according to the Wade Selph layout.
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