Cloth basket stolen; reward for butt kicking

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Cloth basket stolen; reward for butt kicking

Postby luke » Fri May 21, 2010 2:52 pm

100 dollar reward for info leading to the ass-kicking of the stupid, selfish, ignorant sob who stole the cloth basket off #10. This happened before last weekend. Seriously, I can live without it, but people who are out there doing that, I'd like to find them out and serve them sufficiently. The basket is faded and discs fall through the bottom. It's one of many Mr. Anderson course donations. I'd recognize the basket from anywhere; it has many distinctive markings.

I'd be curious if the same person stole my ladder.
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Re: Cloth basket stolen; reward for butt kicking

Postby dandaman » Sat May 22, 2010 1:02 am

It is of my opinion if it's not concreted/nailed/chained/extremely difficult to move it will be altered/removed/destroyed/and or stolen. Sadly there is an element of people who (most of us) wish would never find disc golf. It amazes me (but then again it doesn't) how inconsiderate/disrespectful/rude/ nd unapprecative people certain people can be on a disc golf course that they're in the process of enjoying/passing through.

If I could catch one and get a photo/video I would make them pay...because it is a felony to destroy/steal public property.
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