Sequoyah Disc Golf Course History

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Sequoyah Disc Golf Course History

Postby Jay » Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:27 pm

As told by Richard Johnston:

Sequoyah Park started out as a small article in the local Cherokee Tribune. I read that the Cherokee Recreation and Parks Dept had just acquired some land on Vaughn Road and would begin clearing the land for the park soon. Having already made my mind up to watch for an opportunity to install a course, I decided to check out the property to see how it might fit as a disc golf course. I drove by, really could not see much as only a small portion of the land actually bordered Vaughn Rd. and the land looked pretty rough.

Starting back in the summer of 96, I started speaking with Keith Hammond, CRPA Director, about the possibility of a disc golf course at Sequoyah Park. He was very receptive having seen the sport played at Wills Park while there for little league events. After 18 months of occasional contact with Keith, he informed me that CRPA’s plans had progressed and they were actually considering putting in a course and could I come to their next board meeting and present my proposal for a disc golf course! I was ecstatic, presented the plan, the board approved it as an initial 9 hole course, only one problem, the county budget just did not have enough funds for this activity, could pay for 1/3 or for 3 baskets and I would have to install the course. By this time, I had solicited the help of friends, Don Austin in particular, helped tremendously both installing the course but also in donating money for the purchase of the remaining baskets. Don and I sponsored one each (and eventually each another for the back 9) as well as many of the local golfers. A list of them is at the end of the article – please thank them as the course would not be possible without their generous contribution.

The course open in early 98 with the initial course design of 9 holes with a plan to put in the other 9 over time. After further meetings with the board of directors, we obtained approval to put in the back 9. Don and I even loaned CRPA funds to cover four of the baskets that were to be sponsored by them. The next installment added 3 more holes to make 12. After another 9 months we were able to get the full 18 holes installed in a configuration that resembles the course today.

Don and I provided the bulk of the sweat equity to install the course including tree/brush cutting and removal, concrete work, you name it! Over this period of time we met other locals interested in helping work on the course. This group later became know as the Secret Snakes, the name seemed to fit our group character. The Snakes are Richard Johnston, Don Austin, Steve Smith, Jay Voss, John Chapman, Steve Brown, Bob Brent, Tom Schoen, and Steve Nelson. These guys have contributed their own funds as well as countless hours of work on the course. Anyone who has played here in the early days can testify to the amount of change that has occurred here.

Richard Johnston

Original Hole Sponsors:
1. Play it Again Sports
2. Scott Pierce
3. Tom Katzer
4. Jason Dowling & Melinda Umphenour
5. Don Austin
6. Greg “Grease” Campbell
7. James & Renee Gibson
9. Miles Smith
10. Steve & Ryan Renz
11. Richard Johnston
12. CRPA
13. Mike "Nabber" Greer
14. Don Austin
15. Richard Lindsey
16. Richard Johnston
17. CRPA
18. Cannon Estapa General Contractor

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