600 ADGO Lifetime Members!!

The ADGO would like to take a moment to recognize the 600th Lifetime Member, Tony Gerou, with his 2016 Membership for the DDGC hosted Fall Brawl at the brand spankin new Boundary Waters DGC in Douglasville on Oct 31st! Tony lives in Blue Ridge but will be supporting the newly organized Cherokee Disc Golf Organization (CDGO) with his membership!

Disc Golf in Atlanta is nothing without the support of our Affiliate Clubs and our Members!

Thank you to each and every one of you that continue to Grow the Sport and support the ADGO and its Affiliate Clubs this year and beyond!

Fall Brawl Members Event on Halloween @ Boundary Waters DGC!!

The 3rd and final ADGO Members Event of 2015!!

The Fall Brawl will be hosted by the Douglas Disc Golf Club in partnership with the ADGO at the brand spankin new Boundary Waters DGC in Douglasville!

If you are a current 2015 Member all you have to do is sign up and show up! If you are not a current 2015 Member but want to join for 2016 to play this event, you can do so before the event or sign up for the DDGC the day of the event. All DAY OF sign ups will credit the DDGC with membership. Sign up with the ADGO before and choose your club, or sign up day of and join the DDGC!


At 8:00pm on Thursday October 1st the ADGO will begin its 2016 Membership Campaign! We have been fortunate to partner with 10 of the 12 formally organized disc golf clubs across Atlanta to give players throughout 19 metro counties an option to help grow our sport in our communities!

Please take this opportunity to help your local club and courses by joining the ADGO as an Affiliate Member. If you are renewing from 2015 your Membership will roll over on January 1st and if you are a first time Member, you will get a 15 month Membership similar to what the PDGA offers its first timers.

Thank you in advance for your support and patronage to everything Disc Golf in Atlanta!