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Informal weekly and monthly events at area courses.


Weekday events run during daylight savings time only unless otherwise noted.
Start times may be earlier in early spring and late fall. Click the event name link for more info.

Southside Slackers; 9:00am; $5; $3 optional CTPs; $1 optional ace fund

Redan Doubles (iffy - check msg board); 6:00pm; $15; ?

Cobb Disc Golf Club Tuesday (beginner) Doubles; 5:45pm: $2 round; BP

Perkerson Park Singles; 5:30pm; $15; jritger

Wills Park Doubles; 6:00pm; $15; keith johnson

Oregon Park Doubles; 5:45pm year-round; $12; Lewis


Alexander Park Doubles; 10:00am; $5 round, $5 optional CTPs/ace; JR

Redan P'nut Dubs; 10:00am, 2nd round noonish; $4 round, optional CTPs $5; Laserman
come first round, second round, or both

Central Park Doubles; 4pm during DST, 1pm otherwise; $ and tees vary - see link; Wes C or Funky Bobby J

Sequoyah Park Doubles; sign up 1:15pm, tee off 1:30pm; $5 round, optional $5 for 5 CTP's; bogeymaster


year round unless noted otherwise
First Saturday each month
Course: McCurry Park
Time: 10:00am signup 11:00am Start
Action: Singles
Cost: $10 + CTP's/Ace/Eagle
Contact: SlingShot
More info

Course: Oregon Park
Time: 1-2pm Start
Action: Singles
Cost: $12
Contact: Lewis
More info

First Sunday each month
Course: Deer Lick Park
Time: 1:30pm
Action: Blind Draw Doubles
Cost: $13 to Play/ 4 ctp's and an ace fund included
Contact: volsfandl
More info

Second Sunday
Course: Oregon Park
Time: 1-2pm Start
Action: Doubles
Cost: $12
Contact: Lewis
More info

Last Saturday of each month
Course Name: J.P. Moseley
Time: 10:00am
Action: Singles, 1 round (unless Dubs is voted by majority) ((more action depends on players))
Cost: Pro: $10 to Play, Option: CTP's $5
Am: $5 to play, Option: CTP's 5$
Contact: djester
More info

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