2017 Atlanta Area Bag Tag season is here!

This weekend will serve as the kickoff for the 2017 Atlanta Area Bag Tag Challenge season. This bag tag league will conclude with a finals match play event that is tentative scheduled for November 19th. The cost to get a bag tag is just $20.  We have four events scheduled this weekend to help distribute the tags.  You can find those events right here.

What is a bag tag?

The purpose of a bag tag challenge is to foster friendly (and fun) competition during the disc golf season. The Atlanta Area Bag Tag Challenge is open to all and you do not need to be an ADGO member to play in the league as they are two different and separated units.  Bag Tags are meant to be displayed on your disc golf bag.  Each tag has a unique number and generally speaking the player with a lower tag number is a better player.  If you see someone on a disc golf course with a tag you can challenge them to a round.  Who ever wins gets the lower tag.

What if I can’t make this weekend’s events…how do I get a tag?

You have a couple of options.  The first (and recommended) way would be to send money with someone coming to one of the events this weekend so they can pick up a tag for you.  Sign up for the event to ensure that a tag is reserved for you.  You will be then assigned the highest tag at the event.  Don’t worry you can always challenge to get a lower tag throughout the season.  The other way is to send a message to the ADGO Action Team here.

What are the rules for the league?

1. Tags MUST be attached to bags or carts and carried whenever you are playing!

2. You may challenge anyone carrying a tag.

3. The challenge MUST be accepted by each participating player to be VALID.

4. You may refuse a challenge if you are out practicing (this is acceptable occasionally).

5. You may NOT HIDE when you have a lower number tag (if it is found that you are doing this you probably will be called an assortment of names). It would be advisable if you have the #1 to #50 tags that you at least play a challenge once every couple weeks to keep the low tags moving.

6. If you have to leave during a challenge round (for any reason) you will forfeit your tag and graciously accept the highest numbered tag in the group

7. In the case of a TIE, the player who held the lowest numbered tag prior to the match would receive the lower numbered tag and so on… NO TIE BREAKERS!

8. The current tag set will remain active until the FINALS pre-registration ends on (TBD). There will ONLY be 300 TAGS available for the 2017 season. 256 Tags will be launched during Kick-Off Weekend on March 4th & 5th with 64 tags available at 4 courses. The remaining tags will be available for “lost tags” and season “walk-ups” once the initial 256 Kick-Off tags are SOLD.

9. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TAG!!! We are only ordering an extra tags to be sold once the initial Kick-Off tags are gone. These extra will be for “lost tags” and season “walk-ups” during the 9 month season. All tags, regardless if they are being replaced due to being “lost” or if you are a first time tag holder, will be sold for $20. So I can not stress this enough…. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TAG!!!!

10. Once you buy into the league, you are in the league for the entire season. Players will NOT be permitted to sell their tag to another person because they “don’t have time” or “I’m not going to make The Finals” excuses. Please ask yourself, do I really want to spend this $20 for 9 months of friendly competition regardless if I am going to play often or even in the year end Finals event. Once you pay the league your dues, that tag and your spot in this league are PERMANENT!

11. Anyone caught cheating or holding out (purposely not bringing your tag) will be dealt with by the local players and we will make sure everyone finds out about it!

12. This is potentially a $6,000 payout league! The league will conclude on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19th 2017 at Redan Park. Details on the Finals will be announced no LATER than October 31st 2017!

13. Please log ALL challenge rounds that occur during CASUAL play. If you see that your current tag differs from what is listed on the Leaderboard please submit a tag update.

14. It is STRONGLY recommended that if you are in a challenge match against a Top 50 tag, to please post those rounds to the Leaderboard AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so the league has a good idea of the whereabouts of the top tags.

15. Bag Tag challenges during tournaments are AUTOMATIC. This year there will be an ADGO Action Team (10 Members) which will be responsible for all tournament tag activities within the Metro Atlanta Area. All tournament challenges taking place outside of the Metro Atlanta area around the state will be coordinated on a weekend to weekend basis provided an Action Team Member will NOT be present at that event. This will include getting everyone’s tag before the first round, tallying everyone’s scores, getting tags distributed at the end of the tournament, and entering the results onto the Leaderboard for the league. Tournament bag tag challenges will be based on the cumulative score and not from round to round. If players are playing different layout from each other then the tags will swap within the divisions that played the same layout. If you have to withdraw from the tournament for any reason Rule 6 will be in effect.

16. Bag Tag Invitational Only events will be held throughout the season. The buy-in for these events will be $2 per player and that money will go directly to the finals payout.

17. The $100 Ace Pool (sponsored by the ADGO) will only be in effect during any organized Bag Tag Invitational ONLY. Ace Pool splits if hit between multiple players at any ONE event and carries over to the next event if NOT hit. Ace Pool max per event is $100 and does NOT continually add over the course of the season. Maximum allowance from the ADGO for the Ace Pool over the length of the 2017 Bag Tag Season will be $300.

18. This league utilizes www.discgolfscene.com to keep track of the league standings and player information. It will be ADVISED you have a Disc Golf Scene profile made to keep up current league news, updates, and information regarding YOUR bag tag league as this will be the ONLY place to find said info online.

19. Last but not least the most IMPORTANT rule… Have fun, be safe and play fair!