National Disc Golf Day

We hope everyone got to make the most of 2017’s National Disc Golf Day on Saturday! Many players in Atlanta celebrating appropriately, ranging from volunteering at local courses to an all-day “iron man” tournament at Oregon Park.

HD Discs is Georgia’s newest disc golf vendor out of Carrolton, GA and has just been added to our site. They are interested in supporting our local tournaments and events. We love and appreciate all of our local vendors, and are glad to add another to the list!

Giving Back

Have you been loving the great courses in and around Atlanta? Do you see ways they could be improved? On Saturday, August 5th, we’re hosting two fantastic opportunities for you to show your love and support for our home courses.

Bryan Gort will be hosting a work day at the Chamblee Church course, focused on clearing brush to enhance playability. People will be meeting around 9am Saturday morning and working through most of the day. Feel free to come with tools and gloves, and let Bryan know he can count on you to be there!

There will be another work day event that same Saturday at Perkerson Park. The Intown Atlanta club plans on working from 9am to noon. Any help is appreciated!

These courses could use a few hours of your time as an investment in the sport we love!

Local Summer Action!

The past 2 months have been jam-packed with tournaments pretty much every weekend. Some tournaments have even seen less registration demand than expected simply because of the number of local tournaments #firstworldproblems. The level of competition has only been rising, and there’s no sign of stopping.

Some of the greatest players in the world gathered in Augusta for the Pro World Championships on June 20-24. Georgia’s own Josh Childs, Dustin Perry, Isaac Robinson, and Kevin McCoy all finished within the Top 50 in the Men’s division, while Ashley Collins and Haley Childs both finished strong in the Women’s division. Our constituency had a strong showing that week, representing Atlanta disc golf well.

Amidst the sudden passing of Scott Renz, a classic fixture of the Atlanta disc golf scene, some events paid tribute to his legacy. Both The Scott Renz Shootout and Action Fest @ Wills Park helped raise funds to support the Renz family in this difficult time. Let’s continue to rally support for our beloved friend. Scott, you will be missed dearly.

Starting with the USDGC qualifier doubles event coming up at Lula this weekend, there’s a lot more great summer action to be played!

Throwmageddon – Rise of the Dragon (GSS #3)

A sanctioned tournament at Central Park in Forsyth is hard to come by, save once a year. Gary Greeson put in some great effort to host a top-notch event! Here’s what he had to say about it:

Thanks to all the folks that braved the threat of rain and played in Throwmageddon on Saturday. We ended up fielding 82 folks! Huge thanks to the Brighams for helping check in and scoring, as well as Brett Porter. Thanks to Shawn Medina for running side action and helping Alan Fornek with ADGO tags. Thanks to Wes Campbell for partnering with me and bringing the GSS back to Central Park. Thanks to Nathan Goodwin for getting the food lined up from Smokin Chefs! Thanks to all 22 of my sponsors! It all went straight to the field to offset a portion of the course rental fee. Congrats to all the winners (all 82 of us)! We will do it again next year!

Dylan Holt came away with a solid victory after a tight race for first place, and had the following to say about it:

First Pro win of the season! Central is looking great I hope the TLC continues. Honestly one of my favorite tracks in GA! Really stoked to get it done out there been grinding hard this season. Like always good times with Austin Lytle, Cody Britain, Nathan Goodwin, and the rest of the Central Crew. Thanks Gary Greeson for running a great event!

Atlanta continues to flourish through May with some great disc golf action!

East Roswell Frisbee Trail Championship (presented by Latitude 64)

Nathan Goodwin, this year’s champion, teeing off on the new Hole 5

The 4th Annual Frisbee Trail Championship took place on April 29th, 2017. Though met with a predicted forecast of storms, the hazardous weather yielded instead to a great afternoon of classic Atlanta disc golf action. The players were able to test the new prospective design for Hole 5, extending the hole back towards the library. The course seemed to play harder during the first round than the second, despite a brief rain shower appearing halfway through the second round. Bryan Gort, the tournament director, has written a brief recap regarding the day:

The 2017 East Roswell Frisbee Trail Championship presented by Latitude 64 took place on Saturday. 88 competitors showed up and battled in 4 divisions and the action was live scored on all day. Winners were Nathan Goodwin (MPO, $800), Thomas Gamble (TO-MPO), Haley Dehn (FPO, $325) and Kim Collins (TO-FPO). I would like to thank everyone that sponsored the event and helped, including Brandi Cantrell, Mike Azimi, Matt Dollar, Scott Walker, Ben Hanson, James McNaughton, Derek Disc, Craig Dickerson, John James, Nathan Skinner, Matt Versola and anyone else I am forgetting. We were able to add 1500+ to the Open men’s division, another 350+ to the Open women’s division, provide a $30+ value player’s pack to the trophy only divisions and a one of a kind JAM Baskets basket lamp to the winners of trophy only. None of this would be possible without the help mentioned above and the sponsors who generously donated to our tournament. I hope everyone that was able to make it had a great time and we will see you next year at the 5th annual Frisbee Trail Championship!

The final scores for the event can be found at the provided link:

Thank you Bryan for spearheading another great installation of the FTC!

Eagle Eye Open @ Haywood Valley

The spring of 2017 has been off to a fantastic start with some great local disc golf tournament action. Wes Campbell, TD for the Eagle Eye Open, has some great things to say about this year’s tournament:

Wow, what another wonderful weekend in Haywood Valley for the 2017 Eagle Eye Open – GSS Event #2! Scores are now posted: Congratulations to 1st Place Pro, David Feldberg for his stellar performance! Hats off to Chris Hamby for his Ace on hole 3 that was worth $110 Ace Fund and $57 CTP! In the Masters Division, Jake Nye made the trip down from Chattanooga to take 1st place! We had a great women’s field in which Jessica Leigh Metz was able to rise to the top of the field of 10 for the win! Also, congratulations to the Am winners Mike Hallworth, Mark Spaugh, Rock Rock H Arnold, Robbie Robinson, and Scott West. I can not say thank you enough to all the volunteers & sponsors! With out these people and companies, this event would not be possible. Thank you everyone!

Austin Lytle, this year’s Pro runner-up had more to say regarding the weekend:

This weekend was nothing short of awesome, at the 2017 Eagle eye open. It started on Saturday where I shot the hot round and course record 52 (-10) on par 62. The next round I found myself on the lead card with world champ, and now! Georgia native, David Feldberg, and my boys from home, Matt Versola and Martin Young, and managed to all stay together After the first day. I had a 2 stroke lead going into Sunday! And then the rain comes.. and doesn’t stop until after the round where Dave had fought his way back to a 1 stroke lead going into the final 9. As Dave said it when we were done, “I haven’t had that much fun playing disc golf ever!” It was epic, awesome, fun, and so adrenaline pumping! I got my stroke back on the first hole and it was a battle all the way to the end, with an 90ft jump putt in the middle and some sweet shots all the way in! In the end, Dave showed me he is a world champ. Hats off to him! He’s a ‘boss’! I love this tournament every year and will be back again next year for the 7th time, With vengeance!

Thank you Wes for hosting another great tournament!

Meeks Madness 10

(photo credit: Wes Campbell)

Meeks Madness 10 is in the books a big thanks to tournament director Matthew Mashburn and his team for running such a seamless event. A big thanks also goes out to Wes Campbell for everything he does to make the Georgia Super Series happen. This being the 10th anniversary of the first Meeks Madness it was brought up that it snowed the first round that year and while we didn’t see any snow Saturday we did have to play through a little sleet.

Congratulations goes out to Zach Murphy for shooting a 47 in the second round and taking home the win over a tough MPO field. Congrats to all the other division winners as well Brock Woodall, Jacob Reiche, Jessica Metz, Jason Soules, Mike Dammes, Steve Sloan, Brian Sudderth, and Nick Ross.  You can find the full results of the singles tournament here.

On Sunday the course conditions were quite different for the doubles event.  A winter blast came through and blanketed the Blue Ridge area with some snow.  Just another fine example of the fickle Georgia weather.

(photo credit: Wes Campbell)

2017 Atlanta Area Bag Tag season is here!

This weekend will serve as the kickoff for the 2017 Atlanta Area Bag Tag Challenge season. This bag tag league will conclude with a finals match play event that is tentative scheduled for November 19th. The cost to get a bag tag is just $20.  We have four events scheduled this weekend to help distribute the tags.  You can find those events right here.

What is a bag tag?

The purpose of a bag tag challenge is to foster friendly (and fun) competition during the disc golf season. The Atlanta Area Bag Tag Challenge is open to all and you do not need to be an ADGO member to play in the league as they are two different and separated units.  Bag Tags are meant to be displayed on your disc golf bag.  Each tag has a unique number and generally speaking the player with a lower tag number is a better player.  If you see someone on a disc golf course with a tag you can challenge them to a round.  Who ever wins gets the lower tag.

What if I can’t make this weekend’s events…how do I get a tag?

You have a couple of options.  The first (and recommended) way would be to send money with someone coming to one of the events this weekend so they can pick up a tag for you.  Sign up for the event to ensure that a tag is reserved for you.  You will be then assigned the highest tag at the event.  Don’t worry you can always challenge to get a lower tag throughout the season.  The other way is to send a message to the ADGO Action Team here.

What are the rules for the league?

1. Tags MUST be attached to bags or carts and carried whenever you are playing!

2. You may challenge anyone carrying a tag.

3. The challenge MUST be accepted by each participating player to be VALID.

4. You may refuse a challenge if you are out practicing (this is acceptable occasionally).

5. You may NOT HIDE when you have a lower number tag (if it is found that you are doing this you probably will be called an assortment of names). It would be advisable if you have the #1 to #50 tags that you at least play a challenge once every couple weeks to keep the low tags moving.

6. If you have to leave during a challenge round (for any reason) you will forfeit your tag and graciously accept the highest numbered tag in the group

7. In the case of a TIE, the player who held the lowest numbered tag prior to the match would receive the lower numbered tag and so on… NO TIE BREAKERS!

8. The current tag set will remain active until the FINALS pre-registration ends on (TBD). There will ONLY be 300 TAGS available for the 2017 season. 256 Tags will be launched during Kick-Off Weekend on March 4th & 5th with 64 tags available at 4 courses. The remaining tags will be available for “lost tags” and season “walk-ups” once the initial 256 Kick-Off tags are SOLD.

9. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TAG!!! We are only ordering an extra tags to be sold once the initial Kick-Off tags are gone. These extra will be for “lost tags” and season “walk-ups” during the 9 month season. All tags, regardless if they are being replaced due to being “lost” or if you are a first time tag holder, will be sold for $20. So I can not stress this enough…. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TAG!!!!

10. Once you buy into the league, you are in the league for the entire season. Players will NOT be permitted to sell their tag to another person because they “don’t have time” or “I’m not going to make The Finals” excuses. Please ask yourself, do I really want to spend this $20 for 9 months of friendly competition regardless if I am going to play often or even in the year end Finals event. Once you pay the league your dues, that tag and your spot in this league are PERMANENT!

11. Anyone caught cheating or holding out (purposely not bringing your tag) will be dealt with by the local players and we will make sure everyone finds out about it!

12. This is potentially a $6,000 payout league! The league will conclude on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19th 2017 at Redan Park. Details on the Finals will be announced no LATER than October 31st 2017!

13. Please log ALL challenge rounds that occur during CASUAL play. If you see that your current tag differs from what is listed on the Leaderboard please submit a tag update.

14. It is STRONGLY recommended that if you are in a challenge match against a Top 50 tag, to please post those rounds to the Leaderboard AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so the league has a good idea of the whereabouts of the top tags.

15. Bag Tag challenges during tournaments are AUTOMATIC. This year there will be an ADGO Action Team (10 Members) which will be responsible for all tournament tag activities within the Metro Atlanta Area. All tournament challenges taking place outside of the Metro Atlanta area around the state will be coordinated on a weekend to weekend basis provided an Action Team Member will NOT be present at that event. This will include getting everyone’s tag before the first round, tallying everyone’s scores, getting tags distributed at the end of the tournament, and entering the results onto the Leaderboard for the league. Tournament bag tag challenges will be based on the cumulative score and not from round to round. If players are playing different layout from each other then the tags will swap within the divisions that played the same layout. If you have to withdraw from the tournament for any reason Rule 6 will be in effect.

16. Bag Tag Invitational Only events will be held throughout the season. The buy-in for these events will be $2 per player and that money will go directly to the finals payout.

17. The $100 Ace Pool (sponsored by the ADGO) will only be in effect during any organized Bag Tag Invitational ONLY. Ace Pool splits if hit between multiple players at any ONE event and carries over to the next event if NOT hit. Ace Pool max per event is $100 and does NOT continually add over the course of the season. Maximum allowance from the ADGO for the Ace Pool over the length of the 2017 Bag Tag Season will be $300.

18. This league utilizes to keep track of the league standings and player information. It will be ADVISED you have a Disc Golf Scene profile made to keep up current league news, updates, and information regarding YOUR bag tag league as this will be the ONLY place to find said info online.

19. Last but not least the most IMPORTANT rule… Have fun, be safe and play fair!

Return of the Beast presented by Latitude 64

In Disc Golf terms, when you hear the word “Beast’, you automatically should think long….and this tournament fell nothing short of that! Tournament Directors Matt Dollar and Chad Yeatts gave the competitors more distance than the they could have expected, and I imagine most everyone’s arms are a little sore this Monday morning.

The “Beast Temp” course was laid out and played two rounds on Saturday on the Back 9 of the Bowden Golf Course with both Professional Tee pads and Amateur Tee pads. The total course distance was an astonishing 11,063 feet!  The scenery was amazing and without having access to the golf carts the competitors may have missed all of the beautiful landscape around them. The shot selection made you think about where your second shot needed to be to score well. Those that could throw 400+ feet and accurately were bound to score well. Marked out of bounds and multiple mandatories accompanied the long distance all through the temporary design. The wind did not aid in shots, as the competitors were all mostly faced with 10-15 winds on every tee with gusts up to 20+ miles per hour. Josh Childs and recent transplant Nick Rowton seemed to have no issues with the wind while recording scores of 59 & 62 respectively in the opening round. During the second round, Josh and Nick came in with scores of 64 & 62 respectively. Joining these two was Seth Beaman out of Huntsville, AL with a score of 59 during the second round.  Only four strokes separated these three competitors going into the the Final Round on Sunday.

The Bowden Disc Golf Course that was played Sunday did not disappoint those looking to throw far as well. Intermediate and age protected divisions played the short pads while Advanced and Open played on the long pads. The pressure was on for Josh Childs with only a one stroke lead going into the Final Round. The wind was not as apparent on Sunday compared to Saturday but that did not mean the course was any easier. In the end it was Josh Childs taking home the 1st Place finish, with Nick Rowton and Seth Beaman finishing 2nd & 3rd respectively. Five-time World Champion Brad Hammock took down the Masters division with a 7 stroke win over 2nd Place finisher, Forrest Callaway. David Garb, down from Illinois just passing through, shot an unofficial rated round of 1012 on Sunday on the Beast to wrap up the win in Advanced. Local Macon Aces member, Jim Luppino took down Advanced Masters, battling it out with Mark Spaugh all weekend. I am sure Jim’s knowledge of the course helped him to surpass a 6 stroke lead during the last round. The intermediate winner, Zach Haynes, came back and shot well to shoot 4 strokes better than his field to claim his victory.  Full results are posted here.

80 Players with 8 players not completing the 54 holes is a testament to how grueling these courses were. Everyone that we had a chance to speak with over the weekend had nothing but positive words for the courses, for the effort put in by the Tournament Directors, and all of the local Macon Aces Club Members that volunteered their time leading up to this past weekend to ensure the competitors all had an amazing experience learning why they call this “The Beast”.